NaNoWriMo Stats Generator 2019

Hello there!

You're likely here looking for the unofficial NaNoWriMo Stats generator, run by scatteringashes from the USA :: Kansas :: Lawrence region. I ran this generator in 2019 based on a region site that we'd been running for years, since the then-new official NaNoWriMo website hadn't completed regional stats for the year.

While I was fond of the project, it took up a lot of time and continues to be a bit half-baked, pretty amatuerish (as that's my skillset! :D), and likely to need more updating as the site changes for 2020. As such I've decided to pull the site, as in November 2020 I will have a newborn, and don't plan to be active enough on the NaNoWriMo site to support it.

This site is down as of September 2020.

But what if we still don't have stats?

I'm not up on what's going to be new in 2020, so I don't know if regional stats will return in 2020. If someone else wants to pick up the code and run with it, I'm in the process of getting the code up on GitHub at

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